Charlotte Yonge is one of the most influential and important of Victorian women writers; but study of her work has been handicapped by a tendency to patronise both her and her writing, by the vast number of her publications and by a shortage of information about her professional career. Scholars have had to depend mainly on the work of her first biographer, a loyal disciple, a situation which has long been felt to be unsatisfactory. We hope that this edition of her correspondence will provide for the first time a substantial foundation of facts for the study of her fiction, her historical and educational writing and her journalism, and help to illuminate her biography and also her significance in the cultural and religious history of the Victorian age.

Featured Letters...

Elderfield, Otterbourne, Winchester.
May 12 1880

My dear Mr Palgrave

You will think there is no end to the books I am doing, but the National Society has set me on making a historical Reader for schools interspersed - after Reader fashion with poems. May I have an extract from your verses about Charles’s flight. They are so much easier than Wordsworth’s sonnet- and may I borrow one or two more from that same book? The Montfort one, I think but I ... continue reading

Otterbourne, Winchester.
March 24th 1862

My dear Glow worm,

Let us have the Redan then though I am a little puzzled about the greater proportion of Goslings having brothers in the army – if you counted Humble Bee as one[,] your Army List misled you for the Alfred Moberly there is only a cousin. I spent Saturday evening with her, and told her all your questions, and she shuddered at the notion of the Redan. However that is no reason against ... continue reading

Elderfield, Otterbourne, Winchester.
Aug 20th 1880

Dear Sir

Herewith I send copied out for me by a friend, a story for your Christmas number. I hope you will not think it either too long or too much of a child’s story.

The whole description of the carol singing past and present is from actual nature here.  I have myself heard the verses about ‘Divers’ sung  The Wolf incident likewise happened in this neighbourhood but ended in the fierce dog being killed.  ... continue reading

March 17 [1895]

My dear Charlotte How shall I say how I grieve for you in this fresh sorrow so doubled as it is by all you have to care for, the poor little Cordelia I can only say. May comfort come to you under this fresh shadow which God has thought fit to send to you and which must thus have infinite blessings within it

your loving C M Yonge

... continue reading