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Emma Marie Caillard (1852-1927)

Mary (Fowler) Calvert (1814-1882)

M. L. Cameron

Sir Stratford Canning  (1786-1880)

Eliza Charlotte (Alexander) Canning (d.1882)

Princess Olga Nikolaevna (Nikolaeva) Cantacuzène (1868-1950)

Mr Capes

Miss Carey

Hannah (Rogers) Carey (b. Dublin 1838/9)

Rosa Nouchette Carey (1840-1909)

Thomas Carlyle (1795-1881)

J. Carmichael

Mary Carmichael

Chiltern Carr

Harriet Catherine (Sweet) Carr (1804/5-1895)

Joseph Comyns Carr (1849-1916)

Edith Carrington

Vaughan Carroll

The Rev. Canon Thomas Thellusson Carter (1808-1901)

Elizabeth Carter (1717-1806)

Owen Browne Carter 1802/3-1859)

Ann Maria Carter Smith (Kentish Town 1835-15 Oct 1909 Chislehurst)

Edmond Henry Carter Smith (christened 17 September 1839)

Elizabeth Harriet Carter Smith (b. 1837)

The Rev. Richard Carter Smith (1802-1864)

Julia Mary Cartwright (1851-1924)

S.E. Cartwright

Lettice (Morison) Cary Viscountess Falkland (c. 1612-1646)

Miss Cassell

Anne (Bermingham) Caulfeild Countess of Charlem (1779/80-1876)

Lord Frederick Charles Cavendish (1836-6 May 1882)

Spencer Compton Cavendish (1833-1908)

Sidney Caxton

Annie Louise Cazenove (29 Dec 1854-18 Dec 1933)

Mrs Cazenove

E.L. Chamberlain

Amelia (Onslow) Chamberlayne (c. 1807-1898)

Frederick Cranley Chamberlayne (1835/6-1839)

Thomas Chamberlayne (12 Apr 1805-21 Oct 1876)

Tankerville Chamberlayne (1843-1924)

George H. Chambers

Miss C. Chambers

Sir Edmund Kerchever Chambers (1866-1954)

Miss Chambers

Elinor Champernowne (1846-1876)

Mr Chandler

Elizabeth (Rundle) Charles (1828–1896)

J. E. Charles

E. F. Chawner

Miss Cheape

Eugénie-Caroline (Saffray) Chervet (1828-1885)

Mrs Chester

The Rev. Thomas Kelly Cheyne (1841-1915)

Sir Arthur Chichester 8th Bt. (1822/3-1898)

Beatrice (Chichester) Chichester (1850-1931)

Rosalie Amelia (Chamberlayne), Lady Chichester (1842/3-1908)

M. F. Cholmondeley

Mary Cholmondeley (1859-1925)

Alice M. Christie

Mary Elizabeth Christie (1847-1906)

E. M. Church

Helen Frances (Bennett) Church (Russia 1826/7-1905)

The Very Rev. Richard William Church (1815-1890)

Charles Marcus Church (d.1915)

General Sir Richard Church (1784-1873)

The Ven. Edward Churton (1800-1874)

Mr. Churton

Chaloner William Chute (1838-30 May 1892)

Charles Lennard Chute 1879-1956

Eleanor Jane (Portal) Chute (1854/5-1944)

The Rev. James Langton Clarke (1833/4-1916)

Theodora M. Louisa Lane Clarke (1851-1906)

Frances Mary Clarke (1835/6-1882)

Barbara (Clay) Clay Finch (1857/8-1937)

Mr. Cleaver

Mrs. Cleaver

Clare Cleland

Eliza Callahan Cleveland (1839-1914)

Sarah Paine (Perkins) Cleveland (d.1893)

M. F. Clifton

William Archibald Clowes (1843–1904)

D. M. Clutterbuck

James Cobb

The Rev. Robert Henry Codrington (1830-1922)

Mrs Codrington

Colonel the Hon. John Colborne (1830-1890)

The Hon. Alice Constantia Maria Colborne (1861/2-1943)

Field Marshal Sir John Colborne 1st Lord Seaton (16 Feb 1778-17 April 1863)

Elizabeth (Yonge) Colborne Lady Seaton (7 March 1790-28 Nov 1872)

The Hon. James Colborne 2nd Lord Seaton (8 Sept 1816-11 Oct 1888)

Charlotte (de Burgh) Colborne Lady Seaton (1826/7-26 April 1863)

The Hon. Alethea Elizabeth Catherine Colborne (1852/3-1927)

The Hon. John Reginald Upton Colborne 3rd Lord Seaton (1854-1933)

The Hon. Cordelia Anne L'Estrange Colborne (1824/5-30 May 1862)

The Hon. Elizabeth Colborne (1819-14 June 1882)

The Rev. and Hon. Graham Colborne (10 October 1825-30 Oct 1913)

The Hon. Edmund Colborne (1824-1878)

The Hon. Francis Lionel Lydstone Colborne (1855-1924)

General the Hon. Sir Francis Colborne (1817-1895)

Major the Hon. James Ulysses Graham Raymond Colborne 4th Lord Seaton (1863-1955)

Nina Cole

The Rt. Rev. John William Colenso (1814-1883)

Alice Mary Coleridge (1846-1907)

Arthur Duke Coleridge (1830/1-1913)

Christabel Rose Coleridge (1843-14 Nov 1921)

David Hartley Coleridge (1796-1849)

Edith Coleridge (24 June 1832-24 Jan 1911)

The Rev. Edward Coleridge (1800-1883)

The Rev. Edwin Ellis Coleridge (1802/3-1870)

Ellen Sophia (Patteson) Coleridge (1816/7-1885)

Ernest Hartley Coleridge (1846-19 Feb 1920)

The Rev. Gerald Hartley Buchanan Coleridge (26 Jan 1882-24 Nov 1945)

Geoffrey Duke Coleridge 3rd Lord Coleridge (23 July 1877–1955)

Father Henry James Coleridge (1822-1893)

Herbert Coleridge (1830-1861)

Jane Fortescue (Seymour) Coleridge Lady (1824/5-1878)

John Derwent Coleridge (26 May 1880-23 Jan 1881)

Sir John Duke Coleridge 1st Lord Coleridge (3 Dec 1820-14 June 1894)

Sir John Taylor Coleridge (1790-11 Feb 1876)

Amy Augusta Jackson (Lawford) Coleridge (India 1853-1933)

Margaret Eulalia Coleridge (6 June 1878-1960)

Mary (Buchanan) Coleridge Lady (1788-1874)

Mary Caroline (Bevan) Coleridge (1822/3-1907)

Mary Dorothea Moultrie Coleridge (1886-1941)

Mary Elizabeth Coleridge (1861-1907)

Mary Frances Keble Coleridge (1824-25 March 1898)

Bernard John Seymour Coleridge (1851-1927)

Thomas Drake Coleridge (18 February-2 July 1877)

Walter Henry Praed Coleridge (1886-1967)

The Rt. Rev. William Hart Coleridge (1789-1849)

The Rev. James Duke Coleridge (1789-1857)

The Rev. Derwent Coleridge (1800-1883)

Samuel Taylor Coleridge 1772-1834

Mary Alethea (Mackarness) Coleridge (1851-2 April 1940)

Mary Simpson (Pridham) Coleridge (1808-1887)

Margaret Collier

Mr. Collier

George Collins (b.1818/9)

Elizabeth Collins (b. 1846)

Bessie Collins

Martha (Andrews) Collins (b. 1805/6-?1880)

Anne Collins (b. 1846/7)

Old Collins (fl.19 Sept 1846)

Frances Collins (b. Otterbourne 1876)

Emma Collins

George Collins (b.1839/40)

Professor the Rev. William Edward Collins (1867–1911)

Charles Collins

Olive Collins (b.1841/2)

Amelia (King) Collinson

John Colson (1820-1895)

Betsy Comely

John Comely (b.Otterbourne 1783-after 1861)

Henry Francis Compton (b.16 January 1872)

Agnes Charlotte Compton (b. 1863)

Mr Compton

James Corry Connellan (1807-1885)

Clara Eleanor (Monro) Coode (1856-1932)

Thomas Richard Frederick Cooke Trench (18 Aug 1829-26 Nov 1902)

Caroline Elizabeth (Heathcote) Cooke Trench (1833-24 Nov 1910)

Marie Corelli (1855-1924)

George Kestell Cornish (1856-1925)

Mr Cornthwaite (fl. 1857

Lodovico, Conte Corti (1823-1888)

James Sutherland Cotton (1847-1918)

James Batten Coulthard (1818/19-1896)

James Batten Coulthard (b.1785/6)

Mary Coulthard (b. Alton 1795/6)

Frances Charlotte Hilare Coulthard (1819/20-1894)

The Rev. Thomas Coulthard (b. 1818/19)

The Rev. - Coward

Mr Cowie

Jane Cowing (b. 1807/8)

Georgiana (Tollemache) Cowper-Temple Lady Mount Temple (1821?-1901)

William Francis Cowper-Temple 1st Lord Mount Temp (1811-1888)

Miss ?Agnes Cox

Harriet Lucy Cox (b.1825/6)

The Rev. Joseph Mercer Cox

The Rev. Henry Octavius Coxe (1811- 8 July 1881)

Mr Coxwell

Fanny Esther (Duffield) Craik (1849-1923)

Dinah Maria (Mulock) Craik (1826-1887)

George Lillie Craik (1837-1905)

Walter Crane (1845–1915)

Isolda Caroline Vereker Crauford (1852/3-1927)

Lady Crauford

Agnes Crawford (1830/1-1900)

Charlotte Elizabeth Crawley (b.1818)

Edith Crawley (b.1837)

Catharina (Yonge) Crawley (d.1857)

Arthur William Crawley Boevey 1845-1913

Sir Martin Crawley Boevey 4th Bt 1812-1862

Sybella Mary Crawley Boevey (d. 1911)

Mary Albinia, Lady (Page) Crawley-Boevey (d.1835)

Beatrix Feodore Cresswell (1862-1940)

Maria Cristall (1793/4-December 1872)

Croad (fl. 1857

Mrs Crocker

Mr Crokat

Miss Crokat

Miss Croker

Captain Charles Francis Cromie (1858-1907)

Henry Julian Cromie (1896-1916)

Joanna Angela (Yonge) Cromie (5 September 1873- 21 Oct 1957)

Maurice Francis Cromie (1895-1915)

Frances Eliza Crompton

Pieter Arnoldus Cronjé (1836-1911)

Mary Ann (Evans) Cross (1819-1880)

The Rev. Canon John Henchman Crowfoot (1841-1926)

Charles George Crump (1862-1935)

Annie Hall (Thomas) Cudlip (1836-1918)

The Rev. Pender Hodge Cudlip (1835-1911)

Elizabeth A. Curteis (born Ireland 1840/1)

Elizabeth Charlotte Curteis (b.1845)

Mrs. Curteis

John Spencer Curwen (1847-1916)

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