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Edward Eames (b.1849/50)

Annie Augusta H. (Macdonald) Earle (Peshawur 1852/3-1935)

Elizabeth (Rigby), Lady Eastlake (1809-1893)

Sarah Joan Easton (b.1836/7)

Sophia May (Tuckerman) Eckley (1822-1874)

The Rt. Rev. Robert John Eden 3rd Lord Auckland (1799-1870)

Horatia Katherine Frances (Gatty) Eden (b.1846)

Maria Edgeworth (1767-1849)

Richard Lovell Edgeworth (1744-1817)

Mrs Egerton

Horatia Sophia (Scott) Elder (1808/9-1882)

The Rev. Walter Francis Elgie (12 Oct 1837-25 Feb 1881)

Cyril Hammond Elgie, later Elgee (18 October 1871-17 August 1917)

Arthur Elgie, later Elgee (b. 1876/7)

Catharine Elgie, later Elgee (b. 1878/9)

Catharine (Hammond) Elgie, later Elgee (1837/8-1909)

Ernest Alfred Elgie, later Elgee (b. 8 August 1873)

Hugh Francis Elgie, later Elgee (1878- 6 July 1915)

Isabel Charlotte Elgie, later Elgee (1875-?1939)

George Eliot (1819-1880)

Lady Caroline Georgiana Eliot (1799/1800-1866)

The Rev. Canon Henry Nicholson Ellacombe (1822-1916)

The Rt. Rev. Charles John Ellicott (1816-1905

Mrs. Elphinstone

R. Fenwick Elrington

Fanny Maria (Brady) Emery (1840–1916)

The Ven. Canon William Emery (1825–1910)


Queen Emma (1836-1885)

Mrs England

Dr. George Fuller Ashbridge England (b.1861)

Dr. William England (b.1823/4)

Miss Ensor

Miss Erle

Miss Erskine

Maria Evans

Margaret (Freeman) Evans (1848-11 March 1893)

Mr Evans

M. C. Eve

Harry Sterling Crawfurd Everard (1848-1909)

Frances Ann E. Ewan (1870-1965)

Juliana Horatia (Gatty) Ewing (1841-1885)

Edward John Eyre (1815-1901)

Miss Eyre

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Ecclesiological Society, The (organization)

English Church Union, The (organization)

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