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The Rev. Henry Tagalana (c.1849-1901)

His Grace Archibald Campbell Tait (1811-1882)

E. C. Tait

The Hon. Lavinia (Lyttelton) Talbot (1849-1939)

Catherine Talbot (1721-1770)

Mrs J. C. Talbot

The Rt. Rev. Edward Stuart Talbot 1844-1934

Susanna Tandy (b. Redmarley, Worcs. 1844/5)

Mary Elizabeth Tanner

Thomas Slingsby Tanner

Stephen Taroniara (c.1846-1871)

Sir Henry Taylor (1800-1886)

Emily Taylor (1795-1872)

Emily Constance Taylor

Crona Temple

His Grace Frederick Temple (1821-1902)

Alfred Tennyson 1st Lord Tennyson (1809-1892)

Miss Terle

Agnes Beatrice Jane (Argles) Thicknesse (1857-1944)

Edith Thompson (1848–1929)

Ellen Perronet Thompson (1857–1930)

Miss Thompson (fl.1879)

Mrs Launt Thompson

A.F. Thornton

The Rt. Rev. Anthony Wilson Thorold (1825–1895)

George Herbert Thring (1859-1941)

Harriet Frances (Bagot) Thynne Lady Charles (1816-1881)

George Ticknor

Margaret Tillard

Thomas Capel Tilly

Evelyn Tod

Catherine (Archer) Tolcher (1826/7-1911)

M. Tomlinson

Cecil Townley

Mary Elizabeth (Butler) Townsend (1841-1918)

Meredith Townsend (1831-1911)

Mary (Wordsworth) Trebeck (1845-1926)

Lady Helena (Perceval) Trench (1790/1-17 March 1881)

Maria Trench (19 April 1828-20 July 1917)

The Rt. Rev. Richard Chenevix Trench (9 Sept 1807-27 Mar 1886)

Hannah More (Macaulay), Lady Trevelyan (1810-1873)

Sir George Otto Trevelyan 2nd Bt. (1838-1928)

Sarah (Kirby) Trimmer (1741-1810)

H.B. Tristram

Mrs Tryen

Urania (Leeke) Tucker Lady (b. 1791/2)

Miss Emma Tucker

Miss Katherine Tucker

Miss Tucker

Martin Tupper (1810-1889)

T. Turgenef

Harold Pilkington Turner

Francis Randle Twemlow (1852-1908)

Louisa Twining (1820-1912)

The Rev. Richard St. John Tyrwhitt (1827-1895)

M. F. Tytler

Thomas Constable & Co. (organization)

Ticknor and Fields (organization)

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