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Caroline Wabisane (b. c.1845)

H. M. Waithman

The Rev. Rota Waitoa (d.1866)

William Waldegrave, Viscount Chewton (1816-1854)

John Desborough Walford (1817-1879)

The Rev. Oliver Walford (1814- 3 April 1855)

Lucy Bethia (Colquhoun) Walford (1845-1915)

Olive Montagu Walford (b. 1873/4)

Alice Fielden (Ramsbotham) Walker (1850/1-1939)

M. Walker

Maria Edith Walker (Middlesex 1843-1938)

William Wallace (c.1272-1305)

Maria S. Wallace

Percy M. Wallace

The Rev. Dr. William Wallace (b.Ireland 1828/9)

M. T. Wallas

The Rev. Charles Henry Waller (1840-1910)

Eveline Alicia Juliana (Herbert) Wallop Countess of Portsmou (1834-1906)

Spencer Horatio Walpole (1806-1898)

Lieutenant the Hon. Frederick Walpole R.N. (1822-1876)

Maud Walpole

Lieutenant Colonel Edward Walter (1804- 10 Dec 1862)

Gertrude Walter (Shotapoor 24 May 1849-20 May 1897)

Herbert Simcoe Walter (b. Bishopstoke, Hants 1855-1897)

Edward Charles Lethbridge Walter (Bishopstoke Hants. 1854-5 May 1885 Alderney)

Bartholomew Elliott George Warburton (1810-1852),

The Hon. Isabel Mary (Lister) Warburton (c. 1830-1918)

The Rev.Canon William Parsons Warburton (1824/5-1913)

Mary Augusta (Arnold) Ward (1851-1920)

Miss Warenne

C. M. Waring

H. F. Waring

Frederick Warne (1825-1901)

Edith Emma (Morris) Warner (b. Dover 1864)

The Rev. Henry James Warner (b.1862/3)

William Thorn Warren (1840-1918)

Mrs Warren (fl.6 August 1838)

Nathaniel Warren (Southampton 1804/5-1866 Winchester)

Susanna Warren (b. Edmonton 1814/5)

Miss Warren

Mrs Wathen

The Rev. Morgan George Watkins

Miss Watkins

Miss M. Watson

A M. Wattus?

The Rt. Rev. Alan Becher Webb (1839-1907)

Blanche C. Webber (b. 1859/60)

Francis P. Webber (b. India 1863/4)

Gertrude Margaret Webber (b.1861)

Alice Weber (1844-1931)

Mary Elizabeth Webster (b. Worcs. 1839)

T. Webster

Isabella Weddle

Arthur Wellesley 1st Duke of Welling (1769-1852)

A. Werner

Dr. Samuel Sebastian Wesley (1810–1876)

Mr West (fl.1871)

Sarah (Kingsman) Westcombe (b.1759)

The Rev. Thomas Westcombe

Stanley John Weyman (1855-1928)

The Rev. Canon Edgar Wharton

The Right Rev. Richard Whately (1787–1863)

Jane Whately (1822–1893)

Mary Whately (1824–1889)

Frances Wheeler

William Whewell (1794-1866)

C. M. Whidborne

Evelyn Whitaker

Ann White (b. Michelmersh 1857/8)

Thomas White (b. Michelmersh 1851/2)

Miss White

Mrs White (fl. 1880s)

Mary White

Samuel Whitford

Susan Whorley (b.1814/5)

Little Whorley

Jane Whorley (1778-?1855)

The Rev. Gordon Bolles Wickham (1850-1920)

Sidney Katherine (Kerr) Wickham (1848/9-1928)

The Rev. Charles Wickham (b.1824/5)

Clara de Havilland Wickham

George Herbert Wickham (b. 1834/5)

Jane Susannah (Short) Wickham (b.1799)

The Rev. Latham Wickham (b. 1833/4)

Laura Maria Wickham (b. 1844)

Elizabeth Ann Wickham (b.1832/3)

The Rev. Robert Wickham (1802/3-21 Dec 1880)

The Rev. Thomas Vowler Wickham (b. 1836/7)

Emily Eliza (Gordon) Wickham (1826/7-1910)

Emilie Thal (Brandram) Wigan (b.Kent 1832/3)

The Rev. Henry Wilberforce (1807-1873)

The Ven. Robert Isaac Wilberforce (1802-1857)

The Rt. Rev. Samuel Wilberforce (1805-1873)

The Rev. Henry Wilbraham (1825-1883)

Sibylla (Egerton) Wilbraham (1780/1-1868)

Frances Maria Wilbraham (1816- 26 June 1905)

Emily Wilbraham (b. 1816/17)

General Sir Richard Wilbraham (1811-1900)

Ernest Shepley Wilcox (1854-1928)

Isabella Lucy Wilcox (Kent 1850-?1914)

Margaret Wilcox (1836-1887)

W. E. Wilcox

Mary Anne (Marwood) Wilcox (1813-22 March 1870)

Emma Wilford (b.1832/3)

Florence Wilford (Woolwich 29 Feb 1836-?1897)

Major-General Edmund Neal Wilford (1800-15 Dec 1881)

Edmund Sydney Williams (1817-1891)

Leonard Williams

The Rev. Isaac Williams (1802-1865)

Mrs Williams (fl.9 June 1854)

Sarah Williams (fl.6 Aug 1838)

The Rev. Edmund Riland Williamson   (1795/6-1864)

The Rev. Richard Williamson (1802-1865)

The Rev. William Williamson (1804-1875)

Mr Willis

Lieutenant George Dobson Willoughby (1828/9-11 May 1857)

Jane Wills

H. Mary Wilson

J. M. Wilson

R. Wilson

Maria (Trench) Wilson (1820/1-7 Dec 1908)

Mrs Wilson

The Rev. Robert Francis Wilson (1808/9-8 Oct 1888)

The Right Rev. Cecil Wilson 1860-1941

Dr George Wilson (1818-1859)

The Rev. Bernard Robert Wilson (b. 1858/9-1909)

Francis Heathcote Wilson (b.1848/9-1886)

Thomas Percival Wilson (b.1849/50)

E. F. Wilson

John Winter (fl.1854)

Cardinal Nicholas Patrick Stephen Wiseman (1802-1865)

Charles Wither (1822-1896)

The Rev. William Harris Walter Bigg Wither (1809-1899)

Guy Carleton Bigg Wither (1836-1860)

Marianne Bigg Wither (11 August 1820- 1900)

George Wither (1588-1667)

Jane Wither

Lady Eleanor (Ashburnham) Wodehouse (d. 1895)

The Rev. Algernon Wodehouse (1814-1882)

Edward Wogale (before 1849-c. 1880)

Charles Woleg

Ellen Woleg

Miss T? S. Wood

Frances Hariott Wood (d.1930)

Lieut-General Robert Blucher Wood (1814-1871)

Lady Constantia (Lowther) Wood (d.1864)

Constantia Eleanor Wood (1851-1940)

Nathaniel Woodard (1811-1891)

Mr Woodcock (fl.9 June 1854)

Henrietta Newman Woodgate (1839-1924)

The Rev. Charles Bathurst Woodman (1807-1895)

The Rev. Thomas Woodman

Herbert Hall Woodward

Julia Lucy Woodward Cheltenham 1850-1910

Charles Sylvester Wooldridge 1859-1941

Charles Wooldridge (1832/3-1913)

Anne Catharina (Pode) Woollcombe (d.1913)

Richard Woollcombe (1847-1936)

Mary (Walter) Woollcombe (1845-1930)

Major Robert Woollcombe RMA (1835-1920)

William John Woollcombe (1832-1913)

Edward Woollcombe (1842-1914)

The Rev. George Ley Woollcombe (1828-1902)

Vice-Admiral Henry Bedford Woollcombe (1831-1904)

Dorothy Wordsworth (1771-1855)

The Rt. Rev. Charles Wordsworth (1806-1892)

The Rt. Rev. Christopher Wordsworth DD   (1807-1885)

Elizabeth Wordsworth (23 June 1840-30 Nov 1932)

The Rt. Rev. John Wordsworth (1843-1911)

Katherine Mary (Barter) Wordsworth (d.1897)

Susan Esther (Coxe) Wordsworth (1841/2-1894)

Susanna Wordsworth (13 May 1846-30 Jan 1912)

P. S. Worsley

Mr Wortley

John P. Wright

Melicent Wyan

James Wyatt (1746-1813)

Thomas Henry Wyatt (1807-1880)

Constance Evelyn (Primrose) Wyndham Lady Leconfield 1846-1939

William Wynyard (b.1816/7)

Isabella Sophia Wynyard (Switzerland 1838/9-1901)

W. M. Wyse

Winchester College (organization)

Winchester Girls’ High School (organization)

W. F. Tillotson & Son (organization)

W. H. Smith and Son (organization)

Ward, Lock & Co. (organization)

Wells, Gardner (organization)

Wigram and Sons (organization)

William Clowes & Sons (organization)

Williams and Norgate (organization)

Winchester Diocesan Society for Higher Religious Education, The (organization)

Winchester Female Refuge, The (organization)

Winchester Literary and Scientific Society (organization)

Winnington Hall School (organization)

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