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My dear John I hope the untoward task you had to perform on Monday may turn out better than there seems reason to expect, for really one has no right to look for happiness from such a marriage. As the little man was going to Gibraltar, she had better have left him to take a wife from among the Monkeys of the Rock. He might have matched himself from among so many. Delia ... continue reading

My dear Miss Dyson If developments interest you, you should begin with Charlotte long before Abbey Church, and trace the dawnings, not only of herself, but of some of the Beechcroft young ladies in the Chateau de Melville. Let me send you one if you have not seen it, and if ever you begin to teach your herd to low in French, we can furnish a complete stock. The French is probably good enough for ... continue reading

I send a Château de Melville, and if you do not stick fast in it I should be amused to hear if you can identify the people with the Magnanimous Mohuns in their youth, that is to say, tell which is the origin of which. I have a most funny series of MSS. connecting them, which my executors may hereafter publish as a curious piece of literary history- I don’t mean that I keep them ... continue reading

October 29 [1849]

My dear Driver I rather doubted about sending you Cyrus, because, as you will see, he does not stand alone, but is a chapter of general history and therefore is not very minute, nor has he been written more than once, so that you must excuse numerous deficiencies and please to let me have him again. To my shame be it spoken I have not read Clarendon; we ought to have read him aloud ... continue reading

[November or December 1849?]

My dear Alice I am glad you think ‘St Barthelemy’s Fair’ practicable. I shall very much enjoy doing what I can in the preparations, and I will try and grow as fat and dignified as I can in honour of her Majesty, Queen Philippa. I was almost afraid that there were too many characters, though I could not see how to manage with less. We can furnish a real sword and spinning-wheel. ... continue reading